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Welcome to our bonus program


The granting of BONUS POINTS is our way of saying thanks to our private customers. With each order that you (as a private customer) post in our online shop, you collect bonus points that you can use for your next orders. For every euro (net without VAT) you receive one bonus point.

You can use the bonus points for your next order. The „exchange rate“ for bonus points amounts to 2 Eurocent per bonus point. Please note: It is not possible to receive a cash payment for bonus points. The use of bonus points is only possible upon orders in our online shop.

The bonus points collected have a generous expiry date of 15 months, which gives you enough time for redeeming your bonus points. Your status of bonus points will be displayed in your login area at any time. Furthermore, we will inform you in due time about an imminent expiry of your bonus points.

Please note: We reserve the right to withdraw granted bonus points in case of cancelled orders, return of goods due to a right of return or goodwill, or respectively we ask for payment in respect of delivered goods or return of goods delivered for bonus points. Your statutory rights as customer are not being restricted by this.

We are sorry that we cannot grant any bonus points for commercial customers; our standard business conditions are applicable without restrictions AGB‘s.
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